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Trans ED

a supportive community for trans* folks with eating disorders

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This is a support community for trans* folks with eating disorders
The purpose of this community is to provide support to trans* folks and folks with trans histories with eating disorders. This is not a pro- or anti- ED community. We are not here to encourage or discourage folks in their disordered eating, just to give support. Please read the community rules carefully.

1. Please place ALL posts behind an LJ-cut. If you think your post might be triggering (as a LOT of these posts are likely to be) please include a trigger warning in the LJ-cut). If you fail to place your post behind a cut, the mods may delete it (we will try to give you some warning and a chance to change it, but this may not always be possible). Similarly, please make all posts “friends-only.”

2. This community is for folks who are trans* or who have trans histories who also have eating disorders. We will not define who is trans*/has a trans history and who has an eating disorder. But for the purpose of making this space feel as safe as possible for our members, this is NOT a community for allies.

3. This is meant to be a non-judgmental space. Having an eating disorder is a complicated thing and we are all complicated people, so we understand that it is not always as simple as deciding to stop. For that purpose, we ask that people be respectful of the fact that many of us may not be in recovery and may not even want to be in recovery at this point. That doesn’t mean we don’t all deserve support. We all need to go through our own processes and so we all need to be respectful of each other. This means that unless someone is asking for advice or help, don’t make assumptions and if you don’t want to be supportive of someone, just don’t reply to their posts.

4. Please be as fat positive as possible. Please do not make assumptions that everyone in this community is thin (we’re not). Please understand that, while we each may have our own stuff going on with our own bodies and body images, it is our own responsibilities to own that and try not to project those feelings onto other people’s bodies!

5. Please respect other people’s genders. Don’t assume that everyone identifies as part of a binary gender and don’t assume everyone identifies outside of the binary gender system. Trans* folks and folks with trans histories are a diverse group and it is important to be respectful of each other.

6. Racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, ablism, transphobia, fatphobia, xenophobia and all other forms of fucked-up will not be tolerated.

7. “Thinspiration” posts (i.e. posts meant to encourage disordered eating and "motivate" folks to get thin, such as photos of really really thin folks or quotes) of any kind will not be tolerated. Thinspiration posts will be deleted by the mods and folks making these posts will be given a warning. Same goes for any posts including “stats”. By “stats”, we mean height, weight, measurements etc.

8. Finally, RESPECT. This goes for people's good intentions, people's bodies, people themselves. Just in general, it's kind of simple.


Membership is screened for moderator approval. we ask that folks who do not identify somewhere on the trans spectrum/have trans histories or who do not have an eating disorder (or think they might have one) do not join this community.

Upon recieving your request, we will peruse your profile for indications that you meet this community's membership requirements. If your profile does not indicate that you meet the requirements, it would save a lot of time for all involved if you'd drop us a brief email at trans.ed.lj [at] gmail [dot] com saying you would like to join the community and meet the membership requirements (it can literally just say that, we don't want to pry, just keep out trolls), otherwise we will contact you asking for similar verification.